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Baker Sterchi has extensive experience providing legal services to domestic and foreign participants in the aerospace industry. Our attorneys have successfully represented general aviation manufacturers, commercial airlines, fixed base operators, component part manufacturers, airports, and others. We have extensive experience in the defense of product liability matters, personal injury, employment, insurance and premises liability, among others. We have been directly involved in state and federal litigation across the nation arising from domestic and foreign accidents.

Our experience spans several decades and includes the successful trial to verdict of numerous aviation cases. Several of our attorneys have specific aviation experience and have handled a broad range of cases, from the minor to the catastrophic. We run a flexible practice with an emphasis on efficiently assessing our clients’ needs in each case and establishing a creative course of action.

The aerospace matters we have handled include:

Air Carriers

  • Litigation arising from bomb incident on commercial aircraft near Athens, Greece
  • Litigation arising from the crash of commercial airliner near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Consolidated federal litigation against aircraft cart manufacturers
  • Numerous personal injury claims filed by commercial airline passengers
  • Wrongful death claims arising from airport incidents
  • Commercial disputes between operators and repair facilities

General Aviation

  • Domestic and foreign aircraft crashes (including Australia, Botswana, Canada, Chile, France & Russia)
  • Aircraft crashes due to in-flight breakup incidents of single-engine aircraft (Cessna 210s, Piper PA 28s, Piper PA 32s, Piper Malibus, etc.)
  • Helicopter crashes due to alleged airframe failures
  • Helicopter crashes due to engine failures
  • Aircraft crashes due to alleged aircraft and system design defects, engine failures, fuel contamination, and avionics/autopilot anomalies 

Airport Premises Liability

  • Personal injury claims of airline employees
  • Personal injury claims of passengers injured in airports
  • Employment cases 

Insurance Policy Coverage

  • Handling of declaratory judgment actions to determine coverage issues
  • Policy review and opinion 

Commercial Disputes

For more information about the services we provide to the aerospace industry contact John Cowden at 816.471.2121.