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Automotive & Heavy Equipment

Since our firm was founded over 40 years ago, many in the automotive and heavy equipment industries have depended on us for their litigation needs. Our trial attorneys have exceptional skills in handling a broad range of matters for some of the largest automotive and heavy equipment companies in the nation. Whether a claim arises locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, our attorneys have the resources to carefully investigate the facts and efficiently arrive at a resolution that best meets our clients’ goals.

Baker Sterchi represents original equipment manufacturers in product liability claims related to virtually every aspect of automotive and heavy equipment products, including crashworthiness, occupant restraint, interior design, stability, and performance issues. We are nationally recognized as a “go to” firm for defense of product liability matters. The remarkable success we’ve had in defense of our clients' interests in the automotive and heavy equipment industries is one of the reasons why.

We have a number of first-chair trial attorneys who are skilled, confident and successful in the courtroom. In preparation for trial, our trial teams conduct meticulous investigation of the facts and circumstances giving rise to a claim. We work closely with automotive and heavy equipment industry experts with whom we have established excellent relationships. This ensures our firm’s access to the top industry experts in important fields. We have experienced medical professionals on staff to identify and analyze significant medical issues. Good working relationships with these experts helps our firm provide effective and efficient litigation services to our clients.

In addition to courtroom experience, our attorneys are skilled at negotiating appropriate settlements in a number of forums, including mediation and arbitration. Because we investigate thoroughly from the moment an accident occurs or from the time our firm is made aware of a claim, we put our clients in the best position to negotiate on their terms.

Baker Sterchi has extensive experience in the defense of automotive and heavy equipment products involved in complex, high-stakes class action matters, as well as individual cases. We have been involved in the successful resolution of significant class actions, as well as industry-wide repetitive litigation. The efficiency we employ in individual cases and the experience we have amassed for over 40 years in defense of automotive and heavy equipment clients is an invaluable aid to understanding and resolving litigation consistent with our client’s expectations.

We are also a leader in defense of automotive and heavy equipment industry clients in toxic tort matters, including asbestos. The firm operates as local, regional and national counsel supervising asbestos litigation involving friction products around the country. Our association with many fine firms also involved in the defense of industry interests in this area ensures our clients' access to the most experienced counsel in any area of the practice.

Baker Sterchi attorneys are active in prominent professional organizations dealing with related industries and regularly deliver continuing legal education around the country. Important groups include the Product Liability Advisory Council (PLAC); the Defense Research Institute (DRI); the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC); and the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC).

For more information about the services we provide to the automotive and heavy equipment industries contact Tom Seigfreid in Kansas City at 816.471.2121 or Mike Hunter in St. Louis at 314.345.5000.