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Sep 18, 2015

Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice Wins Defense Verdict in Apartment Complex Premises Liability Matter

After a trial in Jackson County, Missouri Circuit Court, Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice won a premises liability case in which our clients were sued by an individual who broke his leg. The plaintiff slipped and fell at night on ice in a parking lot, requiring surgery and a metal plate being put into his leg (ORIF). 

The defense centered on the fact that the apartment complex acted reasonably with its snow and ice removal, and that even where areas are plowed and treated, ice remains and individuals have personal responsibility to watch where they are walking.

In closing argument, firm attorneys argued that the apartment complex acted reasonably and that the plaintiff unfortunately found a patch of ice.  Further, firm attorneys argued that there was no fault on either party, but that this was simply an unfortunate accident.  The jury agreed with the defense, and found both parties zero percent at fault, therefore plaintiff recovered nothing.