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Jul 8, 2021

Baker Sterchi Member David Eisenberg Quoted by St. Louis Record About Missouri Supreme Court's Invalidation of a Statute Related to Restrictions on Union Groups

Baker Sterchi Member David Eisenberg is quoted in a recent St. Louis Record article “Missouri Supreme Court invalidates HB 1413 over unequal treatment of union groups” regarding the Missouri Supreme Court’s invalidation of a statute that imposed many new restrictions on most unions representing public sector employees, but not on unions that represent mainly “public safety” employees.

Eisenberg observed that the Court’s constitutional problem with the statute was not with the restrictions themselves – which a legislature may impose on public sector employees, if it does so even-handedly – but with the fact that this statute favored some unions that serve public employees over others. Eisenberg is quoted as saying, “It's not about a right to impose these different requirements on the election process, on the recognition process, on the reporting process, or the certification process.  It's about drawing distinctions in this statute and whether this carve-out for unions that mainly represent public safety workers is a permissible distinction.”

Eisenberg has over thirty years of experience representing Fortune 100 and other companies in employment and labor law matters, consumer and general business litigation, and appellate litigation. He is the Editor of Baker Sterchi’s Missouri, Employment & Labor, and Product Liability Law Blogs and has served on the Editorial Board of the ABA Appellate Practice Committee, and on that committee’s Appellate Rules subcommittee.

The St. Louis Record, a publication of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, covers the legal system, focusing on civil actions in the St. Louis area.