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Feb 11, 2020

Baker Sterchi Member Greg Odom Speaks to Local Businesses About the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act

Baker Sterchi Member Greg Odom will be presenting to local businesses about biometric privacy issues in Illinois. He presents to the Herrin, Illinois Chamber of Commerce on February 25, 2020, and to the Illinois Small Business Development Center at SIU Carbondale on February 27, 2020.  During these presentations, Odom will discuss the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, including the Act's requirements, strategies for complying with the Act, and considerations for responding to a lawsuit filed under the Act.  He also will examine how other recent and proposed privacy laws in Illinois might interact with the Biometric Information Privacy Act.  

The Biometric Information Privacy Act imposes several requirements on businesses that collect, store, or use biometric information and allows individuals to sue businesses that do not comply with the Act.  A 2019 Illinois Supreme Court opinion interpreting the Biometric Information Privacy Act has had a significant impact on businesses throughout the state, leading to a flood of new litigation filed under the Act.  As a result, businesses throughout the state are being named in lawsuits worth potentially millions of dollars.  As a member of Baker Sterchi's Cyber Liability, Privacy & Data Breach practice group, Odom advises businesses on how to comply with and respond to lawsuits filed under the Biometric Information Privacy Act.  

Odom's presentation to the Herrin Chamber of Commerce is from 12 pm -1 pm at the First Baptist Church (1500 S. 13th Street) in Herrin, Illinois, and his presentation to the Small Business Development Center is from 12 pm -1 pm at the SIU Small Business Development Center (1740 Innovation Drive) in Carbondale, Illinois.

For more information about these events, contact Greg Odom here.