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Jun 1, 2022

Baker Sterchi Secures Defense Verdict for Surgeon and Hospital Clients

After a five-day jury trial in St. Louis County in a medical negligence case, Baker Sterchi successfully obtained a complete defense verdict for a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, his employer, and the hospital where the surgery at issue took place.

The case involved recurrent hernia repair surgery and abdominal wall reconstruction with biologic mesh. Plaintiff alleged the surgeon negligently injured her small bowel by suturing bowel to mesh, which led to infection, sepsis, and a series of complications that required additional surgery and a lengthy recovery period.  The defense countered that there was no suturing near the bowel that could have caused the injury, and the leak was a delayed perforation due to weakening of the bowel wall that was a known complication and not negligence.  At trial, plaintiff sought approximately $1.25 million dollars in damages for medical bills and pain and suffering.