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Complex, Class Action & Multidistrict Litigation

In the area of complex litigation, class actions, and multidistrict litigation, Baker Sterchi’s exceptional legal skills and business efficiency intersect, giving our firm an outstanding reputation defending these actions throughout the United States. Our firm has been selected to serve as national and regional trial counsel in numerous federal multidistrict litigation and state coordinated proceedings, including in major product liability and Fair Labor Standards Act cases.

The breadth of our experience encompasses multiple practice areas and involves the frequent representation of Fortune 500 companies. With one of our attorneys having been involved in the drafting of rules that govern complex litigation, our firm has intimate knowledge of the process. Our experience also includes having acted as lead coordinating counsel in one of the seminal class action tort cases first filed in Missouri, and the handling of important appellate cases, including a groundbreaking case that established restrictions on filing class actions against pharmaceutical companies.

Another important skill we bring to complex litigation and class actions is our effective and efficient use of discovery. We understand the federal electronic discovery rules and various state rules; we effectively negotiate reasonable scope restrictions; and we apply state-of-the art data retention and search tools to unearth the facts of a case quickly.

We have handled class actions or complex litigation cases in the following industries: aerospace; agricultural; automotive; construction; food and beverage; banking, mortgage and financial; healthcare; hospitality; insurance; pharmaceutical and medical device; and, retail and consumer.

Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of class actions (whether state or federal), including certifying and decertifying class actions; providing notice to individual class action members; representing clients in fairness hearings; appealing district court orders granting or denying class action certification; and representing clients in “collective action” litigation.

For more information about our complex, class action and multidistrict litigation practice contact Paul Penticuff or Kara Stubbs in Kansas City at 816.471.2121. In St. Louis, contact Lisa Larkin or Steve Sanders at 314.345.5000.