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Apr 12, 2022

Defense Verdict Obtained in Personal Injury Action Against Aviation Industry Client

A defense verdict was returned in favor of our aviation industry client by a Platte County, Missouri jury following a five-day trial of a case arising from a bus/car collision at an airport satellite parking lot. Baker Sterchi represented the bus driver and his aviation department employer in the case, in which plaintiff alleged an accident between the bus and his car was caused by the bus driver’s failure to yield at an uncontrolled intersection, causing traumatic brain injury to plaintiff.  Baker Sterchi obtained a directed verdict at the close of plaintiff’s evidence on plaintiff’s claim for punitive damages.  In closing arguments, plaintiff’s attorney asked the jury to assign 100% fault to the bus driver and award nearly $1M in damages.  The jury deliberated less than an hour and returned a verdict finding plaintiff 100% at fault for the accident.