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Time Is On My Side: The Illinois Supreme Court Decides Which Statute of Limitations Governs BIPA Lawsuits and When BIPA Violations Occur

ABSTRACT: When enacted, BIPA left many unanswered questions due to a lack of certain provisions and terms in the Act. One such question was which statute of limitations governed BIPA lawsuits.  Since BIPA contains no statute of limitations provision, the question has been left to the courts to resolve.  Similarly, BIPA does not indicate whether a violation occurs, and thus a claim accrues, every time an entity scans or transmits a person’s biometric information, or only upon the first scan or first transmission.  After much anticipation, the Illinois Supreme Court determined that the Illinois five-year “catchall” statute of limitations applies to BIPA claims and that a claim accrues each time an entity scans or transmits a person’s biometric information in violation of the Act.

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