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Premises Liability

Representing some of the largest retailers in the nation, the hospitality industry, restaurants, manufacturers and many other businesses, Baker Sterchi takes an aggressive approach to defending premises liability matters, having successfully defended multi-million dollar cases.

We make an early evaluation of the claim, arriving at our client’s place of business almost immediately after an incident has occurred, taking care to investigate and preserve evidence that could influence our litigation strategy.  We identify public relations fallout that could adversely affect the business concerns of our larger clients, which also drives our strategy. To the extent possible, we make early case evaluations as to whether a case should be settled early or defended.

As experienced litigators well versed in negligence issues in the premises liability context, we never shy away from taking our cases to trial when necessary. Because members of the plaintiff’s bar in our area know this about us, we are often successful in reaching mediated settlements that are favorable to our clients.

This is our approach whether our clients are facing possible liability for slip and falls, industrial accidents, civil rights complaints, claims of failing to provide adequate security, and those matters which result in serious injuries or death.

For more information about our premises liability practice contact Jim Jarrow or Kara Stubbs in Kansas City at 816.471.2121. In St. Louis, contact Richard Woolf at 314.345.5000.