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We have substantial experience defending propane industry clients at all levels of distribution, including retailers, wholesalers, and transporters. We represent a number of companies on a national or regional basis. The types of matters we have handled include:

  • Transportation and delivery of product
  • Installation, repair and servicing of gas systems
  • Failure analysis of appliances, valves and other propane-related equipment
  • Pipeline
  • Failure to warn
  • Container explosions
  • Odorization issues
  • Emergency response
  • Carbon monoxide poisonings
  • Trucking accidents

We have investigated incidents and defended cases in nearly 40 states. Our attorneys often direct and participate in investigations as soon as possible after an incident has occurred, working closely with our experts to ensure that the scene is properly documented, evidence is preserved, and all possible causes have been thoroughly evaluated. We routinely work with some of the best fire origin and cause and gas systems failure analysis experts in the country, bringing an unmatched level of scrutiny to scene investigations.  In our experience, a successful defense starts with an early and thorough investigation.

Because of the depth of our experience with propane litigation, we have often been able to prevent lawsuits from being filed against our clients.  Our attorneys also have extensive motion practice and trial experience with propane-related litigation, having obtained summary judgment rulings in brain damage and other serious personal injury cases and defense verdicts in fire and explosion fatality trials.

Additionally, our attorneys regularly consult with clients on ways to prevent accidents, including customer warning programs and materials; company policies and procedures, including the development of safety manuals; product recall and technical bulletins; and employee training issues. These confidential “safety audits” are tailored to the client’s needs and greatly improve their ability to limit and control their liability exposure. We also sometimes assist trial counsel, if we are not lead counsel ourselves, with expert issues, including depositions and Daubert motions.

Some of our propane industry attorneys are members of the Propane Gas Defense Association and the National Fire Protection Association, and frequently give presentations to the propane industry on consumer safety and industry practice issues.

For more information about the services we provide to the propane industry contact Mike McMullen at 816.471.2121.